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A Filly Named WINTER – aiding in recovery

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Winter is a beautiful painted mare that came to Masleña Rescue Foundation Spring of 2020. She was rescued as a result of Tori’s direct intervention. Winter was destined for the Mexican rodeo to be used as entertainment. She is blind in one eye, and her disability made her “disposable” and an ideal candidate for abusive treatment for entertainment that is outlawed in other countries. When Tori saw Winter, she decided to immediately intervene and bring her to the sanctuary.

Caring for a horse with a visual impairment is not without challenges. Although Winter is a fully accepted member of the herd, sometimes she struggles to keep up and participate the way other older and bigger horses do. Recently, her lack of vision proved costly as she snagged her shoulder on a tree limb while running. The injury was extensive and risk of infection high, but Tori and Jeff did not hesitate to administer immediate aid, including sutures, antibiotics, and bandages. They worked around the clock changing the bandages, caring for the wound, and ensuring Winter would make a full recovery.

Today, Winter is healing nicely thanks to the diligent care and rehabilitation she is receiving.

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