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Wrangler arrived in the back seat of the truck.

Wrangler was born sometime around the first week of May of 2022 and was found at 3 weeks old in Pajarito mesa wondering the streets. He was then sent to an animal shelter in Bernalillo County, NM. The livestock board was notified earlier that week that they had a foal too young to be away from his mother. We were notified by a friend of ours from East Mountain 411, a Facebook site, an hour later after the foal was in custody. The sanctuary was very eager to find this foal a surrogate mother. We had two on the ranch that would possibly fit for this baby foal. After a week we were able to go through the New Mexico Livestock Board and bid on the foal. We were lucky to obtain the little colt and give him a good home. He is very independent and loves to be around people. He rejected all of the mothers and believes he is a person not a horse. He likes telling you what to do as all kids do. He really has a lot to learn and loves playing games and picking up his feet. But it’s important to remember he is still a baby and loves to nip. We are working with him to learn manners. Without his mom around to help him learn those manners it will take a lot of volunteers to help him learn respect as everything is a game to him.

Now he is on milk from a bucket and Chaffhaye, and runs the 2 1/2 acres.


wrangler loves his chaffhaye at 1 month old


Wrangler learning what a halter is.

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