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Winter is one of our special “Medicine Hat” horses because of her unique coloring and blue eyes. Her and Angel are the only two mares on the Rescue that have this unique eye color. Technically, a medicine hat horse is a pinto horse. Pintos are horses characterized by alternations of white and dark patches on the coat.

A Medicine Hat Horse is a horse in First Nations tradition and legend that is believed to have a magical ability to protect her rider from injury and death. Other coat markings are known as symbols that provide additional power. Medicine Hat horses are sacred in indigenous cultures, prized as special beings imbued with spiritual wisdom and bravery.

Winter is also one of our disabled horses due to blindness in one eye. She is a loving, gentle soul. She’s great at picking up her feet and is halter broke. We are hoping that even though she has a slight disability that she will be a great riding horse. We can’t wait for her to get a little older to be able to start saddle training, and also learn with her with training a blind horse.