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Wild Fire

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Wild Fire in 2022


Wild Fire is a buttermilk buckskin filly born in the spring of 2021. We got her in August right after she was weaned at about 5 months old. This filly had to have a surrogate mother as a baby, who we later received in November that same year, named Dakota.

Wild Fire has a shy personality, but when you start working with her, her intelligence and willingness to learn shines through. Pat Weiland, one of our amazing volunteers has been working with this filly every other weekend with a halter. We are also working with leading her, and continuously gaining her trust. She has become good friends with our other baby horse Butter Cup. They enjoy running around, and she will often call for him, and he’ll come running to her. We are blessed to have Wild Fire, and love the energy she brings to the herd.





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