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Wish-key in 2022


Wish-Key is a pretty brown mustang with a black mane and tail and four black legs. He was born in 2021, and was only 3 to 4 months old when we got him. He was one of the seven mustang foals that came to Masleña Rescue Foundation in 2021. He came with Comanche, Hope, Rio, Autumn (Auto), Arena, Masleña, and Apache. Sadly, Apache crossed over the rainbow bridge from a bad disease. 

Wish-key was one of the friendlier ones, and enjoys being here. He has cute little brown eyes and a sweet personality. He is halter trained, and at the moment learning to pick up his feet. Him and his friends go down to the big land to play during the day, and come back up to the 2 acres at night for safety. They will do that until about 2 years old when they’re ready to fully integrate into the larger heard. Wish-key has the sweetest eyes that captures everyone’s heart, and we are so happy to see him growing and thriving every day. 



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