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Trinity is a brown appaloosa with white and brown spots blanketing her rump. She came to the Masleña Rescue Foundation on July 27, 2021 because Tori thought it would be a great birthday present for Jeff. We only had 12 horses at this point in time and this horse was needing a good home. This mare was born in 2018, and had a little foal before arriving to Masleña Rescue Foundation. We don’t know much about were she came from other than her last owner purchased her to breed. The lady became a great friend of ours later after receiving the mare. She has helped us trailer many horses and we also got Dakota, April, and another foal named Wild fire from her in trade of water to help her other horses at the ranch.

Trinity is sweet and little skittish, but will come for your attention every once in a while. She’ll nudge you when she wants you to pay attention to her, and will vocalize when she wants to eat. We really enjoy having this little Appy around. she brings a lot of color to the heard. She is good friends with River and Blue Bell

Trinity, Blue Bell, and River always together


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