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Juniper, Shiloh, and Trigger together exploring the ranch.


Trigger is one of our colts who arrived very ill. Now that he seems to have made a strong recovery, his personality is really coming out.

Trigger is a Palomino Quarter Horse who was born early 2021. He came with two other horses Juniper and Shiloh who were all brought from southern Colorado. Trigger is wanting to learn although is scared to come too close to any one person. we know it will take time and are giving him space. Him and his friends all were covered with ticks when they arrived. Trigger and his stall mates were quarantined until we could eradicate the ticks. It took about three months to clear these boys of the irritation of these pests. These horses came to the rescue in the on November 8, 2021 and were gelded back in February of 2022. They are now on the 22 acres with many others their same age.

Trigger reminds Tori of her first horse Diesel another palomino that Tori got in 2013. This boy Trigger has a lot to learn but has many friends to lean on so we know that with time he will begin to trust. We are still learning more about him every day as he is so young and has much to learn.


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