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Hi everyone, I’m Teak.
I was foaled on May 15, 1997. I’m a Registered American Paint and my journey started in Akron, Colorado, almost 25 years ago. When I was two and a-half, I was sold from my breeder to my new owner in Larkspur, Colorado. After several years, I was used as a lesson horse and leased out until my owner moved to New York and I was sold to my favorite student.

We did a cattle drive in Nebraska and we were in a 4th of July parade. We had lots of fun together, but several months later, when my favorite student (now new owner) had to move to the east coast, I was transported to her parents in Vista, California. When I arrived in Vista, in March of 2010, I was boarded at a nice private residence where I had stall mates next to me that became my best friends. My new parents would take me on long trail rides in the hills and around the lake and we would have fun times together in the arena with the other horses.

My parents moved from Vista, CA to Edgewood, NM two years ago. I’m a little older now and I have some arthritis, so I don’t go on any more trail rides. For the last two years I had a nice big space in the backyard to roam around, but I didn’t have any friends other than my parents. I was always looking around for friends and was sad and lonely all by myself. My parents heard about the Masleña Rescue Foundation and they thought it would be a perfect place for me. They contacted Jeff and Tori to see if I could come live with them and all the other horses and animals. I’m so happy to have my forever home at Masleña Rescue Foundation with all my new friends. My parents still get to come visit me!

Thank you Jeff and Tori!

Teaks story at the Masleña Rescue Foundation,

Teak arrived at the Rescue on February 9, 2022. He loves kids and when we have visitors he is very social. We have watched him drop a lot of weight because he is having some anxiety of being far away from Dakota. It started when April was born on April 3, 2022. Once April was born we believe it really affected Teak. If the baby was not in sight he would start panicking. He also acts this way with the other new baby Wrangler. He seems to have an obsession with these little ones so much that he won’t eat if they are not around. We are currently working on bringing his weight back up.

Teak watching Dakota and April


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