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Tammy is a bay horse with a  white blaze on her face, black mane and tail, two white socks in the rear and two black ones in front.

She came from a woman in Moriarty who had her for 21 years after she and her father broke her. The woman had to find a new home for Tammy and contacted the livestock board who then contacted us since we are certified with them.

Tammy had never left her owner’s property in 21 years, so a friend of ours thought it would be easier to handle Tammy with another horse in the trailer. He brought his own horse, Dakota.

On the ride home, Tammy and Dakota became best friends, and we ended up with both horses. For the longest time they would not leave each others side. We then learned Dakota was pregnant. She gave birth to a little filly named April. Once April was born, Dakota focused her attention on her baby, and Tammy then made new friends with Horizon and Sophie on the big land.


This is Tammy with her very good friend, Dakota.

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  1. Bridget

    Best girl

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