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A lady named Charity had rescued a foal in 2019 back from a slaughter truck situation he was almost 2 years of age when he arrived at Masleña Sanctuary. They had said he was a mustang. Charity knew that something was different about his gate and decided to have this foals hooves and legs x-rayed because he seemed to have some tendon issues in front over the fetlock. They found out he was extremely sickle hocked, and he may never be sound per the vet. Charity was willing to do anything for this foal but knew her small heard was not going to work for this foal since the horses were too pushy and always kept him at a distance. She knew he was the sweetest horse but was a high risk for slaughter. She was not going to give him to anyone but a sanctuary. She had named him Sleipnir. He arrived on February 16, 2022. We renamed him Stickers because his back legs still stick together. He is halter broke, but we have to be very patient when working on his hooves. He is leery of people, and want him to be comfortable with us, so we are letting him go at his own pace.

X-ray of Stickers on his back left leg in 2020.

X-ray of Stickers back left leg and the bad shape her hoof was in


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