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Sophie with her winter coat 2022

Sophie with her summer coat 2022

Sophie was born sometime in 2013. She is a Grulla pony mare. She came from South Valley in Albuquerque, NM on January 19, 2022. One of our friends was asking for some cords of wood since the nights were cold, and he was in desperate need of wood. With the forest closed, he would have spent a fortune on wood. He asked if we could do a trade, he was in much need with not much money in his pocket, and he asked for help. We were glad to help and with no trade or money. Then without our knowledge he brings this beautiful pony to us. Sophie was very leery but we could see why. She had halter marks imbedded in her face from her previous owner who the man had saved her from. We were not excepting another horse but she needed a good home so we brought her in.

Sophie’s hooves looked like they were taken care of and she was very healthy when she arrived. She has not had a lot of handling and sadly has halter marks permanently scarred on her face. We are giving her space at this time because she is a little nervous of people. We are learning about Sophie every day and hope with time, she will not only trust us, but find her place in the herd.




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