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Simone came from Peralta, NM with another horse name Comet. Unlike Comet, Simone is very sweet. She loves treats and both horses are very greedy. Simone is a Line Back Dun with two white socks on her rear hind legs. Their previous owner Chuck Anderson had passed away three weeks before the family contacted us about the horses. He had gotten Simone because her pasture mates had al passed away. He wanted Simone to have a friend so he went to a slaughter yard and purchased Comet to be friends with Simone. He had such a love for his animals had more than 40 peacocks, many goats, and these two horses who he loved dearly. The family was eager to find his horses a good home. They looked on the New Mexico Livestock Board online to try to find a sanctuary so the horses wouldn’t be separated. It was important for them to stay together. They found us and asked if we would be interested in taking them. We said yes and traveled down to pick them up. We then realized we needed a larger stock trailer since they were not trailer broke. We called our friend who provided the trailer, and we had to make an alleyway to load them. They arrived on April 28, 2022 and are doing great in the big herd together in their forever home. They still stick together, and don’t leave each other’s side. The family of the previous owner still calls to check on Simone and Comet. Simone is really exploring her options on the big land and has made a new friend named Arizona,a new horse who arrived on May 28, 2022.


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