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Sierra with brush on her head

Sierra in the spring of 2022

Sierra is a red roan born late March of 2021. She arrived to us with another mare we named Nevada that is two months younger than Sierra. These two came from Farmington, NM on September 15, 2021. Sierra and Nevada were very scared when they arrived and even tried jumping over the corrals if you got to close. After a couple weeks we put them in a smaller herd with colts their own age. Over time they calmed down but still kept their distance. It was not until we let them into the big herd they became friendly. When we walked by we started touching their rump, ignored them when they were lying down, and always gave them their space. Nevada opened up faster than Sierra, but that’s understandable since she was two months younger than her friend. These two mares love having the freedom on the big land, and they both have new friends and still stick together every once in a while. We have been happy to see how far Sierra has come, but she is still scared of quick movement but has come around a lot since she first arrived. We are continuing to work with her but also giving her space to trust us before pushing her to hard.


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