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Juniper, Shiloh, and Trigger together exploring the ranch.


This beauty is Shiloh, another of our colts rescued with severe illness. Shiloh has recovered and we cannot wait to see more of this beauty’s personality shine.

Shiloh is a Tobiano Paint Quarter Horse who was born early 2021. He came with two other horses Juniper and Trigger who were all brought from southern Colorado. Shiloh is the friendliest of the group and because he was covered with ticks he was more willing to get a rub down to relieve the itching. Shiloh and his stall mates were quarantined until we could eradicate the ticks. It took about three months to clear Shiloh of the pests. These horses came along with many others at a young age and were gelded back in February of 2022. They are now on the 22 acres with many others their same age.

Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous with his white blaze and spotted coloring, and he is one of our faster learners on the ranch. We are still learning more about him every day as he is so young and still coming into his own.


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