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Sadie came to the sanctuary in June 2019 when a friend of ours asked us if we wanted to take the horse. It was ironic that the friend asked us about taking the horse, as Jeff had just been planning on trimming the horses feet. Sadie is a thoroughbred ex-racehorse from the Albuquerque Downs. This incredible horse won many races, and is now retired here at Masleña Rescue Foundation.

At around 3 years old, she was kept for another 3 years after retirement before she was brought to the sanctuary. Sadie was alone and although she was with amazing people, she needed some friends. When Sadie arrived she loved it had her own corral at feeding time and had the big land throughout the day. She fell in love with Quincy and Henry, two horses on 200 acres behind us. When they arrived she imidiatly fell in love with Henry and Quincy and like a mom she is Raven was there at this time but kept Sadie at a distance. When Quincy passed away, Raven found new friends. Sadie and Henry are now always together.

Sadie is a friendly mare that has a lot of ground work under her feet. She is a wonderful horse to have here at the ranch.


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