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Owner just dropped off his horse 10/23/2022.

This boy is a Registered American Quarter Horse named Cee Casino Roy L we call him Roy. The man was looking to give this horse a good home he looked and visited many facility’s but no one wanted this beautiful boy because of his left front leg and may not be able to be adopted out.

He asked us and said what would happen if he came to this facility? We said why don’t you visit us first. If you like what you see then you let us know if this is the right place for your horse.

He came by for a visit then made his decision a couple months later. Then asked us is it still okay to bring him here to the sanctuary. w
We said we are reaching our limit but we will.

We didn’t know much about this boy other than he was a Quarter Horse. Today he sent the paperwork and showed us the pictures of Roy. He is a stunning looking boy as you can see and still has many years ahead of him.

So we are Welcoming Roy a 10 year old Buckskin Gelding to his new forever home @ the Maslena Rescue Foundation.


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