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Around the first week of December 2021, we received a call from a man in Moriarty who had a horse that had suffered a severe injury. This horse was a champion roper that had won many awards with many paychecks. This horse was basically taken off the roping circuit because he was unable to completely recover. It was deemed that he was never going to be able to be ridden again. This horse’s name is Romie. When he arrived to the Foundation we renamed him Scooter because of his background in being a roping horse.

When we received this call from a man asking if we could take his sons horse, we asked him why he wanted to give this horse away. He said he was not rideable and always laying down because of his injury and that the son was concerned that Romie was alone and needed a home were he would not be ridden. We assured him that he would have many friends here, including many older and retired horses. This horse was 18 years old when he arrived in 2021. We brought Scooter into the sanctuary and is thriving. He needs his hoofs trimmed every couple months to help his posture so he can walk comfortably. We usually have to cut his feet while he lays down so it’s comfortable for him. We have plans for some rehabilitation and hoof repair every couple of months, but at this point we are happy to report that Scooter is home and happy.


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