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Look at that beautiful winter coat!

River became an unexpected member of our herd in Spring 2021, when a good friend asked if we could board his horses for a month or so while he was looking for a ranch in order to take River with him. Until he was able to find a new place, River needed a place to stay.

As the months passed, River became a member of our herd and family, and had bonded to our other horses. About 6 months later, I received the call that they were wanting to come pick up the horse that coming weekend. We realized that we would have a hard time saying good-bye to River, and so would the other horses who were now bonded with River.

Jeff and his friend talked it over and decided that River living at our rescue was in the horse’s best interest. At this point, River was surrendered to our rescue on Jeff’s birthday, July 27th. We truly appreciate our friendship with Robert and Kathy Salas, and the love both sides have for River. He is such a wonderful animal, and we are very lucky to have him as a member of our herd.

River is the head horse of the herd with his friend Blue Bell and Trinity always by his side. All are great friends who stand out among the herd as the leaders.



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