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Rio is a sorrel mare with a white blaze and a white sock on her left back leg. Born in 2021, she was only 3 months old when she arrived in her forever home. She was one of the 7 that come together to Masleña Sanctuary. She came with Comanche, Hope, Whish-key, Autumn (Auto), Masleña, and Apache. Sadly, Apache crossed the rainbow bridge after he lost his battle with a bad disease. Rio and her friend Comanche caught the disease (strangles), and lost a lot of weight. With a lot of medication, care, and time, she was able to make it through the illness. She was very leery when she first arrived, and it didn’t help that we were unable to give her the space she would have preferred because of the amount of attention and medication she required. She has healed and gained weight, but we are continuing to monitor her and keep her nutritionally sound as she continues to grow up.

Rio is able to enjoy the herd and be a horse as she is growing up with each day she is continuing to warm up to us. She goes down to the 22 acres every day where she can run and play with the other horses. Freedom and love has helped Rio know she is in safe place her at Masleña Rescue Foundation.



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