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Rescue and Foundation were both found wandering in Tijeras, New Mexico. On October 20th, 2021 we were notified about two horses wandering around on Anaya Road 2 miles away from our location. A neighbor was concerned about their safety because they were not far from a main highway. We found them on a dead end dirt road right were she said they would be. Jeff rushed home to grab a trailer, corrals and some halters as Tori stayed with the horses. When Jeff got back we put up a catch pen. Rescue jumped in and Foundation followed. We couldn’t believe that these horses were trailer broke, halter broke, and were in good shape.

We contacted the Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico Livestock Board, Fire Marshall, and then went to social media. We posted on Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, East Mountain 411, and local businesses and feed stores. We then sent out flyers inquiring about the horses, trying to locate their owner. We had been told by numerous people in the area that they had been wandering for months. We were later contacted by the New Mexico Livestock Board, and through Walkin N Circles we were able to obtain these 2 beautiful horses that now proudly carry our brand.

Rescue is an amazing 25+ year old Bay American Quarter Horse he has trouble eating and keeping his weight, we have him on a special diet of Chaffhaye, Alfalfa and grass hay. He has made new friends now that he has arrived named Jasmine and Pumpkin.


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