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Reb was born in 1998, he is a red roan Quarter Horse with a fire brand on his front right shoulder (bar N bar). He came from a sheriff buddy of ours back in late October of 2011. We also received another horse named River in 2021 from the same man. Reb was purchased because Jeff needed a reliable ranch horse to work cattle. Reb does anything you ask of him when in the saddle. He is fully broke out and gets the job done. When Reb arrived he was very standoffish and it took years for him and Jeff to become friends. Jeff never worked with Reb those years until he could gain Reb’s trust. In 2015 Jeff and Tori branded and saddled Reb, when Jeff threw the blanket over Reb’s back it was like the last day he had been ridden was the day before. Reb has a little trouble with his front feet from arthritis and has inflammation on his front legs. He still likes to be saddle but can only go for very short rides. Reb loves carrots, apples, and treats, and also is best friends with Duke. You can always look out and see them together.


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