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Raven is a cute little long-haired black miniature horse that came to us on May 14, 2021 from Schwebach Farms in Moriarty, NM. He quickly fell in love with two of the resident ranch horses named Henry and Quincy. The three of them are inseparable. Wherever the older horses go, there goes Raven right along with them. They make a happy trio!
When the new arrival of baby horses came in August, he stepped into a new roll, becoming the leader of the little ones. Raven exhibits separation anxiety and can often be seen going back and forth through the gates to check on the juvenile horses. He also likes to stay close to his newest friends, Hay-loCheerioWinterCash and Wild Fire. This little group now occupies the big land. Raven is sweet, gentle and loveable and always enjoys the kids (human ones, that is!)  He has been worked with a lot, is halter broke and loves to be groomed. We believe he will be an instrumental teacher for the children that come to visit our sanctuary, educating them about what wonderful, loving, and faithful companions horses can be.



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