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Pumpkin is a gray colored Thoroughbred ex-race horse who was born in 2009. She arrived at our rescue foundation on January 29, 2022 along with two other horses, Jasmine and RubyThese sweet mares share similar, yet individual stories.
The previous owner called us and explained that he was moving to New York but could not take the horses with him. He had been searching for a good home and after checking online for sanctuaries he found the Masleña Ranch. He even threw in three horse blankets that fit these lovely tall mares.
When Pumpkin and her pasture mates arrived they were terribly thin. We started them on a high calorie protein diet of Chaffhaye, multiple types of pelleted food, alfalfa, and grass. Pumpkin, Jasmine, and their newest friend Rescue, now wander about freely, enjoying the freedom of the big land with all the other horses. Ruby is still on the 2 1/2 acres since she gets easily stressed in the wide open spaces of the big land. She seems most comfortable keeping company with some of the horse moms and the older senior horses.
Pumpkin has settled in well and is a gentle giant who can be ridden without a saddle. She loves kids and with her kindly intuition she always knows to take it easy around youngsters.


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