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Nevada is a red roan born on May 15, 2021. She arrived at Masleña Rescue Foundation with another young horse we named Sierra. These two came from Farmington, NM on September 15, 2021. Nevada and Sierra were extremely frightened when they arrived and when we got too close to them, they tried jumping over the corrals.  After several weeks and some time to adjust to their new surroundings we incorporated them into a smaller herd with colts their own age.
In time they began to calm down but were still wary of people. It was not until we put them in with the big herd that they relaxed and became friendly. Whenever we walked by we would gently touch them, but always gave them the opportunity to move away.  We ignored them when they were lying down, and always gave them their own space. Nevada opened up much quicker than Sierra, but that’s understandable since she was two months younger. These two mares love the freedom of the big land and although they have many new friends, they occasionally stay together apart from the other horses. We are happy and encouraged to see how far Nevada has come and how she is letting her personality shine through.


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