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Mirage and Magic share the same story. On January 18, 2022 we received a call about two Arabian horses in Corrales, NM. The man told us he’d been attempting to find a good home for the pair for quite a while, apparently being given excuse after excuse as to why people did not want them. The frustration in his voice was obvious. After searching from Texas to Arizona he saw Masleña Rescue Foundation on Facebook and decided to give us a call. He said he would send photos of the horses to which we responded there was no need, we would take them immediately, sight unseen. With relief in his voice the man hitched up his trailer and brought them right over. These two beauties were welcomed with open arms into their forever home at Masleña Rescue Foundation.
Both horses are in their senior years and are nearing the end of their life. We are filled with joy to know they’ll spend the rest of their days together, here with us. Mirage and Magic have been together for 33+ years and that has created an unbreakable bond that should not, and will not, ever be broken.


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