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Masleña is a handsome brown mustang with a white blaze. He was born in 2021 and was about three months old when he arrived at the sanctuary. He came with seven other young horses –  ComancheHopeRioAuto (autumn), Arena, Masleña , and Apache. Sadly, Apache was infected with a serious illness called strangles or horse distemper and he didn’t make it. He passed away while still in quarantine and we never got to bring him home.

When Masleña arrived he was very standoffish, always hiding behind his friends. However, when we let him out of the safety pen he began to learn to trust and stopped bolting every time he saw someone. Now he has learned many skills including, but not limited to: haltering, leading, picking up his feet, standing for hoof trimming, turning on hindquarters, lateral bend, learning to halt, and performing a turn on the forehand. Both we and Masleña are thrilled to have Pat Weiland (a volunteer and friend) working with Masleña.
Masleña is always first in line to eat. He clearly enjoys being here and is very sweet. Each day he and his friends go down to the big land and enjoy running free on the 22 acres. They continue to return to the smaller two acres at night for safety and will do so until they are about two years old.
Thank you Pat, for being an important part of Masleña’s life and for all the wonderful things you’ve taught him.


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