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Kenny came to us from the New Mexico Livestock Board on August 4th 2022. Kenny was found wondering the city of Pie Town, New Mexico. The NMLB took him 200 miles to Otero County were Tori had to drive 200 miles to the town of Tularosa, New Mexico. With the long trip ahead of her both Kenny and Tori made it safely home. When Kenny arrived Tori and Jeff noticed his ears were cut and he had Barbwire marks all over his ears, head and neck. Kenny deffinetly had some battle wounds they told Tori he was unable to be touched and we now could see why but with one hour of work Kenny was eating potato chips and eating Tori’s and Jeff’s shirts. Next day Tori was able to brush and by day three he was halter trained. Kenny must have known he was home he has given us alot of happiness we did a bit of research and found out.

He is what you call a Catalan Donkey  at one time there was as many as 50,000 of these donkey’s now they have seen a dramatic decrease of these donkeys in 2020 the registered Catalan Donkey in Spain there was only 851 left. Though Kenny is one of the few of these donkeys that are still around we are happy to have him.



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