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Kathy is a Donkey that came with 3 others from Belen, New Mexico. Back in the first week of November, we had just lost our other Burro we named Marl-burro. So we were on the look out for a donkey to come our way. At that time a man called us and said he had 4 donkeys he just sold the babies. We were very excited to know we were not only going to get one more back but four. The man delivered them the next day. Months went by and three out of four donkeys Maria, Anna, and Kathy decided they were more of a yard ornament then a pet. That was fine but some days you just want to play with those long ears of there. Jenny always was a sweetheart. Six months later we noticed Maria’s bags started dropping so we loaded her and her buddies in to a trailer and took them no more than 500 feet to the two acres. On April 10th 2022 on palm Sunday Maria had her baby we named her Bunny. Knowing that we thought Anna is pretty big she might be pregnant too. Well she was but Kathy had her baby first on June 24, 2022. It was very exciting we had an amazing volunteer and her family show up on that same day. They asked if they could name her we were a little nervous but they came up with a great name. They said what about Baya meaning Beautiful, As, You, Are. We thought that fit her perfectly.

We really enjoyed our newest volunteer and she enjoyed Baya.

Baya is really a sweetheart and we are glad that momma Kathy is not as scared as she once was down on the big land. We can see she wants the love but is still scared to get close enough to receive it. Will give her some space and we believe with time she will come around.

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