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“Jersey” is a Jersey steer cow that came from a dairy south of Los Lunas, New Mexico. This little calf and two others were headed for slaughter (“the meat men”) that day.  We had received a call about some calves that someone was selling. We were told we only had a choice of two of the cattle but we were lucky enough to get three.  The three we picked were Jersey, Copperhead, and Spur. We were saddened to learn that we could not give homes to more of these precious souls, but oftentimes you have no control over such things. Jersey was the sweetest of the bunch. He came up to Tori like he knew she was there to save him. With his beautiful coloring and his big sweet heart, he must have known she was to be his rescue. Jersey and the other two calves met up with their new friend Cowboy and in a matter of months would join the large herd out on the big land forever free, forever safe and loved and far, far away from the slaughterhouse.



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