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Jasmine is a Thoroughbred Bay ex-race horse born in 2009. She came with two other horses named Pumpkin and Ruby on January 29, 2022. We got a call from a man who was getting a divorce and relocating to New York.  He was unable to move the horses with him. He was looking for a good home for them and checked online for sanctuaries in the area and found the Masleña Ranch. We asked a friend to help us to obtain the three horses and were also given blankets that fit these lovely tall mares. When Jasmine and her friends arrived they were very thin, so we started them on a strict diet of Chaffhaye, multiple pelleted food, alfalfa, and grass.  They are all filling in nicely with no more ribs showing. Jasmine’s favorite horse friend is Rescue.
Pumpkin, Jasmine and Rescue like to be on the big land with many of the other horses. Ruby needs a little extra attention and is still on the 2 1/2 acres. She gets stressed out on the big land so we keep her close with some of the moms and older horses.


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