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Horizon is a chocolate Palomino miniature horse who was born in 2016 and arrived at the Maslena Ranch on June 7, 2021. We had another miniature horse at the time named Raven, and thought it would be nice if he had someone his own size to be friends with. Horizon is what we call a “firecracker”. He is sweet but when you are working with other horses he likes to kick the sides of the round pen showing everyone that he is the boss. Horizon is a lady’s man who likes the girls. Sophie, a pony, and Tammy, a parade horse, are two mares that like to stick around him for safety. Miniature horses are small versions of full sized horses and can have a lifespan up to 1/3 longer than an average horse.  We are happy to have this spunky liltle fellow around to keep us all on our toes!



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