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This is Henry. He’s not the least bit camera shy.



Henry has quite the personality!



Henry and Quincy out on a stroll.


Raven (center) likes to spend time with Henry and Quincy.


Henry, who was born sometime around 2008, came with Quincy from the 200-acre property next door to us. He had lived there for six years, watching the horses at Masleña Rescue Foundation with his pasture mate Quincy. Every day we would see them standing there at feeding time. Jeff found Quincy for the neighbors in the spring of 2017 and told them if they ever decided to find another home for Quincy to let him know because we would love to have her. They kept their promise and called us when they were ready to sell their property. Quincy and Henry were inseparable and since Quincy was 33 years old, we knew she would not make it without her faithful companion Henry by her side. Henry was slated to go to another home so we asked if we could purchase him so they could remain together. When Henry and Quincy crossed the fence to their new home at the Masleña Rescue Foundation, Raven (a miniature horse), thought Henry was his personal protection blanket. Raven kept company with the duo and they would all eat in the same corral. When Quincy passed away on December 25, 2021 it broke Henry’s heart. Henry has made a new friend with a thoroughbred named Sadie but you can still see in his eyes that he misses his old gal Quincy. Raven has made new friends with CheerioWinterHay-lo, and Cash.
Henry has a beautiful summer coat with four white socks.  He is an awesome ranch horse with kind eyes and a very gentle disposition.


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