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Dunny is an orange Line Back Dun. She was born sometime around 1999 and was living around Los Alamos, NM when the Los Alamos fire occurred. Ron and Karen Keyworth obtained this little filly back in 2000 shortly after the tragic event. At that time Dunny was called Flame because of her beautiful orange and red coloring. She had lived with Karen and Ron approximately a year when Jeff was contacted about buying the little mare in May of 2002. She was asking $800 dollars for her. Jeff offered her $600 to give her the best home he could provide. She agreed. Jeff sold a vehicle that was a collector’s item in order to purchase the horse, reducing the price dramatically for a quick sale.

Jeff paid Karen that day and brought Flame home, renaming her Dunny. After they had moved Jeff lost contact with them for 16 years. In the summer of 2021 Jeff received a call that the Keyworth’s were in town. They wondered if he still had Dunny and Duke, a previous horse he had purchased from the Keyworth’s. They were happy to find out that he still had both horses, so they came for a visit. The horses were in a larger herd now since Maslena Ranch had grown considerably over the years, from having a few horses to dozens of horses, including cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, poultry, and much more.

Dunny has been an amazing part of Jeff’s life, and she and Duke both have seen a lot of changes from where things started to where they are now. If they could speak, they would tell you many stories about how far Maslena Rescue has come.

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