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Duke was born in 1996 in Pomeroy, Iowa and came to New Mexico in 1998 at approximately two years of age. He lived across the road from the Maslena Sanctuary at the Keyworth’s Ranch until December of 2002. Jeff was asked to go over and feed Duke for several days while the Keyworth’s were out of town. Later Jeff was asked if he was interested in buying Duke because they needed to find him a new home.

Maslena Ranch only had four horses at that time, Sassy, Jessie, Flicka, and Dunny. Dunny had also come from the Keyworth’s Ranch earlier in May of that year. Having had only mares Jeff was not interested in geldings. After a couple of days of caring for Duke, he realized what an unbelievable horse he was and fell in love with this red sorel with a white blaze and three white socks. His kind eyes and heart of gold stole Jeff’s heart. These two are the best of friends and to this day, Duke is a lover and is social with everyone he meets. If you need a hug, Duke is your horse.


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