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David is a wonderful red brown mustang with one white spot on his head. We have another horse named Wish-key, who is David’s doppelgänger (a doppelganger is an exact double of a living person or animal.) Sweet David was born in 2021 and came to us at four months old along with a filly named Ashleigh. Masleña Rescue received a call from a man in Albuquerque who had saved these two baby horses who were on their way to the slaughter yard. He didn’t have ample space to take them in so he called Masleña Rescue Foundation. These young horses have had no experience with humans except for being forced into trailers.
David is the friendliest of the two and has helped the other colts at Masleña Sanctuary to trust us more. He is a little nippy when picking up his feet but he is halter broke. He’s a charming young man and we are delighted and grateful to have him with us. David and Ashleigh are now enjoying their forever home and they have both found new lifelong friends.


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