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This horse is named Danser. Arrived 10/25/2022

We may have his name change but we cant be sure of that yet. He came with another horse named Blue both had some very nice owners but never really understood that its more than just throwing food and calling it good.

We picked him up early with Blue. In about 5 mins once he arrived at the rescue we saw how dominant blue really was every time Danser put his head down to eat he would push him again and again. At that point we decided.

Now we never separate horses cause it can cause separation anxiety. BUT We made a team decision to separate the two.

They are side by side even though Blue is upset, Danser is not he is happy to finally have good food and eat it too. 😊

Will slowly start him on Chaffhaye an amazing supplement will be ordering another semi load before winter.

Lets welcome Danser and Blue to our rescue. Danser a Peruvian peso and Blue a Quarter horse.

If you would like to know about Blue now renamed Casper after arriving @ Maslena Rescue Foundation.

Maslena Rescue Foundation


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