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Comet and his bad fire brand


Comet came to us from Peralta, NM with another horse name Simone. Unlike Simone, Comet is very leery. We believe it’s from a bad experience with being fire branded. Their previous owner had passed away before they arrived at Masleña Ranch. He was a kind man who had rescued Comet from slaughter. He loved his animals and had more than 40 peacocks, numerous goats, and two horses. After the family researched the New Mexico Livestock Board online they contacted us to inquire if we could give sanctuary to the two horses, not wanting for them to be separated.   We assured them we would. We also, as well as other folks, took in the peacocks and the goats.  We had a little trouble picking the horses up, realizing we needed a larger stock trailer and they were not trailer broke. We had to make alleyway to load them but they arrived safe and sound on April 28, 2022. They are doing great and have blended well into the big herd. They still stick together and rarely leave each other’s side. The family of the previous owner still calls to check on Simone and Comet.


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