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Comanche August 2022


Comanche October 2021

Comanche shares his story with several other foals, but mostly with another horse named Apache. These two looked identical, both being beautiful paints and around the same age. Comanche kept close to Apache and they were like brothers. Before Comanche and Apache came to Masleña Rescue Foundation, we learned that they both were seriously ill. As a precaution, both horses were separated from each other and quarantined on a friend’s property in an attempt to keep them away from other rescue colts that were on their way to the sanctuary.
We were hoping to keep Comanche from getting worse and allow Apache to get better. These two little foals were separated from their mother at less than two months old. When a horse is pulled from its mother too early, under weight, and malnourished, it needs all the help it can get. We were very concerned about the health of these little ones and decided to pick up both and bring them home to the sanctuary.  We intended to implement another round of quarantine and then set up a game plan for helping them to get their strength back. Unfortunately Apache had passed away when we arrived to pick up both horses. Comanche was much sicker than we realized when we learned he had strangles/distemper. We quarantined Comanche away from the other baby horses knowing their immune systems weren’t developed yet and they could easily be infected.
After some fight from all of us, Comanche recovered and has been doing well ever since. He is thriving in his new home with all the other young horses. Even though Comanche’s brother/friend was never able to come to us and live in his forever home, we still loved the little horse and gave him the name “Apache.”  Apache will always have a place in our hearts and we are happy that through Comanche’s eyes, he can see the world.


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