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Colt was just a baby when we got him with his brother Clover. We got them from a neighbor down the street. Her and Jeff have known each other for many years. The lady has always had many goats and always enjoyed the babies. When Colt and Clover were born she had noticed the mom was not producing enough milk, she had done this many times before with bottle feeding babies but decided to see if maybe Jeff might finally be interested in these two. Here at the ranch we have so many different types of animals but never really thought of having goats till we went down and saw these little goats following you around. A week later we picked up the babies they were like puppies they would follow you anywhere. Colt always showed a little more dominancy than Clover had but Colt is really a sweetheart.

He loves to ride the tractors and head down to the big land. If you are going anywhere its not without colt by your side.

1 review for Colt

  1. Bridget

    Funnest tractor buddy

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