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Chief when he first arrived.

Chief when he first arrived


Chief is approximately 25 years old and is a lovely dark bay Quarter horse. He is missing three of his top teeth and therefore requires a special diet of ChaffhayeChaffhaye is premium, Non-GMO bagged alfalfa with yeast, beneficial enzymes and live microorganisms.  He’s still having trouble gaining weight even with the special food so we also have him on senior pelleted food to help maintain his weight. He  enjoys the freedom of the 2 1/2 acres with the other horses, staying close to his buddies DakotaApril, and Teak. He exercises his alpha personality by trying to keep Teak away from Dakota and April and exhibits a father-like behavior towards April, always watching over her.
Before Chief arrived at Masleña Sanctuary, the family who previously owned him wanted to rehome the horse because he was no longer rideable. He exhibits some symptoms of arthritis and stumbles when ridden. We are unsure as to why he came to us as thin as he was, but it is most likely due to his poor dental health because of tooth loss. We have provided veterinary care and had his remaining teeth floated in the hope that with correct nutrition and lots of love and attention we can put some weight on him.  He is a treasure and we are happy to have him with us.


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