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Special needs horses require a lot of patience, love, and specialized care. Would you like to be a part of helping Cash show the world that special needs are nothing to shy from? Consider becoming a sponsor today.

Cash came to the sanctuary after receiving a phone call from New Mexico horse rescue Walkin N Circles Ranch about a little nine-month-old stud colt that needed a forever home due to a neurological condition. They were hoping that we would be able to take the horse and we told them we would love to have him.
Regardless of his special needs, Cash is thriving among our other baby colts ranging from three to seven months in age. He absolutely loves to play and thoroughly enjoys being a member of a large herd. He will live out his days happy and carefree here at the Masleña Rescue Foundation. He has many new friends and keeps company with RavenCheerioHay-lo, and Winter.

Cash in 2022specialneedshorse 



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