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Buttercup and his mom Midnight in 2022

Buttercup came to Masleña Rescue four days after he was born. His mother, Midnight, gave birth to him on September 4, 2021. Buttercup and Midnight came to us through a friend in Albuquerque who saves mares and their colts from the slaughter house.  He continues to try and save horses, even training them in order to find them good homes.

Buttercup is a friendly fellow who has turned into a good-natured large bay colt with four white socks. He has really blossomed since he got here. Buttercup and his mom stay down at the big land, preferring the large herd over the smaller herd on the two acres. He has a personality like his mom and isn’t afraid to let some of the big horses know that he is in charge. He’s a cute guy and we are happy to have both he and his mother here at Masleña Sanctuary.



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