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Brangy was Jeff’s 2 first cattle Jeff’s mom got him back in April of 2002. Jeff had fell in love with the idea of having cattle when he worked on a very large cattle operation, he went out there from time to time over the years to help his friend. In 2002 he brought Brangy and Daisy home, Brangy was about 8 months old. She was very spunky little girl but she came with her friend Daisy that was a 7 month old Dairy cow. When working there again in July of 2005 he was offered a bull calf for trade out. In 2007 Jeff had his first calf from Daisy and a month later from Brangie. This began the start of Jeff’s dreams of having a small cow operation. Brangie had many cows on the ranch over the next few years. She was a very sweet mom and in Dec of 2022 at 21 years old she had passed. She was an amazing cow and is dearly missed.


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