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Bobby in 2022

Bobby in 2022

Bobby’s story is a bit of a mystery. She was found on Gonzales and 217 in the East Mountain area. Several people had photos of Bobby and some people claimed to be taking care of her, but found themselves too busy with kids or their own horses. Masleña Sanctuary heard about Bobby and the many stories that accompanied her. One being that a man had left her for months tied to a post where she became emaciated. Bobby then found herself wandering on the road, where a lady with no experience decided to take her home and sell her to make a quick buck. Luckily, she called Masleña Rescue Foundation instead. Tori and Jeff headed over to meet the horse and called the New Mexico Livestock Board who then told the lady to surrender the horse. The lady wanted money for Bobby and put up a fight, but luckily after finding Bobbys proper owner we had her officially signed over to us. It was important that Bobby get to a safe place that understood her challenges and knew how to properly care for her.  Bobby now lives at Masleña Rescue Foundation where she’ll always have a safe home.

Bobby and Barney are great companions and are the troublemakers of the herd. They love to pick on everybody and work as a team, but its all in good fun! Bobby has a spark to her and loves to play rough.  It’s good to see her so full of life after all she has been through.


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