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Arena in 2022 buttercupcolt

Born in 2021, Arena arrived at our sanctuary at just three months old. She’s a beautiful line back dun.  She didn’t come alone, however, but was accompanied by seven other baby horses. In her troop were ComancheHopeRioWhish-keyAuto, Maslena, and Apache. Apache and Comanche both were infected with strangles/distemper and sadly, Apache didn’t make it. We were able to medicate and save Comanche and for that we are grateful!
Arena was very leery of us when she first arrived but after months of consistent and nutritious food and kindness, she has become a friendly little girl with a lovely personality. Each day she and her equine friends go down to the big land to romp and play on the 22 acres! She was recently branded and vaccinated, as were all of her friends. We are still learning about Arena and are excited to see her personality coming through. We anticipate that she will blossom into the wonderful horse we already know she is.




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