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April is the very first filly ever born here on the ranch! She entered this world April 3, 2022. Her mother is a beautiful palomino buckskin paint named Dakota. Dakota came to us from a friend who needed water for her other horses. She traded Dakota for water. We weren’t quite sure if she was pregnant, but soon enough she started showing, and that’s when April arrived. We don’t breed here at Masleña Sanctuary, so when we do get babies, we are always happy to take care of and provide a forever home to both.  The babies all stay with us on the small 2 acre lot until they are big enough to go out with the big herd.

April is very sweet and willing to learn. She still has her peach fuzz, and we are excited to see what her color will be. She has a fun personality and is nothing but spunk from mane to hoof. She is starting to test her limits like all kids do, and we are excited to channel all that energy into guiding her to be a wonderful horse. We are looking forward to watching this little filly grow!


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