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apache and chris

Hi! My name is Apache Girl. I was loved and cared for at my first home, but when my owner’s wife got cancer all us horses got new homes. My new owner was a lady that had been taking lessons from my first owner, so my two friends and I already knew her when we went to live with her. She loved us, too. After a few years, my hind leg got hurt and I was lame. The vet said my kneecap was displaced. The vet got it moved back into place but it wouldn’t stay there no matter what my owner did. I was never the same, and I could tell my owner was sad. Then I got arthritis in a front leg. I had lost so much weight that the vet and my owner were worried. I could tell that my owner was sadder and sadder. But she changed when she found out about Maslena. The idea of me being out of the corral and in the beautiful mountains, surrounded by other horses–the idea of me being happy was comforting to her. She was right, I’m happy here! I still have pain and I don’t walk right, but I eat well and I have lots of company, including my new friend Mirage,  and the love of the owners. Sometimes my old owner comes to see me and it’s nice, but this is where I belong now.

mirage and apache


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