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Masleña is Headed to the State Fair

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This year something brand new and very exciting is happening at the state fair. We have been invited along with other animal welfare groups to showcase what we do.

This.    Is.    Big.

This marks the first time organizations like ours have had a special place in the state fare arena and it is our inaugural event traveling like this.

You know we have to bring our very best and biggest stars out for this special event.

Our founders will be on hand to demonstrate our work and we will have very special animal ambassadors in person for you to meet. Come join us in support and have a great time at the New Mexico State Fair!

Free Face painting for Everyone!

We are delighted to welcome a very special guest, Jolianna from Facepainterina! ( This exceptionally talented artist has been wowing crowds across the area with amazing works of art that delight young and old alike! Stop by our booth in the arena to get your very own work of art for free and meet our volunteers, sign up for our newsletter and pick up a special coloring page so we can feature you on our website, too! 


Click on the image to see a larger view

Volunteers and Donated Services

There is so much to do to get ready for this events, from safety of our animals yo their comfort in trailering… Remember, some of our animals were last in a very bad situation and a trailer may not be a welcoming place. This is all part of what we do here for the extra care of the animals entrusted to us.  There are so many dedicated volunteers supporting us with extensive daily tasks and well as these special ones, too. We can not do it without you!

This event also requires the professional support of a good marketing partner. We are glad Summit Leon ( has stepped up to make this easy for us. We collaborated on ideas and they have run with it to meet our needs and donated all of the materials. Thank you for being a great partner with everything from table design, posters, graphics, cards and so much more!  summitleonlogo

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