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Masleña Awarded the Gelding Grant from the Horse Plus Humane Society

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Horse Plus Humane Society

Masleña Rescue Ranch has been awarded the Gelding Grant by the Horse Plus Humane Society (, a non-profit charity aligned to our goals of helping equines. They provide shelter, rehabilitation, and various grant programs to horse owners and rescues, like ours and many others across the country.

The Gelding Assistance Grant program helps nonprofit organizations by providing financial assistance ($100 per horse) to help offset the cost of gelding (castration) of stallions and, ultimately, help reduce the population of unwanted horses.

This is a great honor we are so privileged to have this assistance with all the new colts we have taken in who desperately needed other extensive medical care. Now that they are healthy and thriving, we can focus on the necessary task of castration to help ensure they remain healthy and part of our strong, bonded herd.

We are grateful to Horse Plus Humane Society and so very proud to be among great company in the service space for our communities.

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