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Kind Words from a Guest

“.. I got a chance to meet (Rover) yesterday when I went up to the Maslena foundation sanctuary for a tour. I met so many animals: horses, and cows, and sheep, and llama, and alpaca. All such wonderful creatures and all blessed to have landed at that sanctuary.

“But among all I was specially taken with a little filly there named July Rain who followed me around part of the time like a puppy dog, and with Rover the llama. Filled with gentle personality he just wanted to engage, and give and receive kisses. He is going to be fine I believe and integrate wonderfully with the herd there now that he’s somewhere safe where he’ll be treated with kindness and love.

“I really encourage anybody who loves animals and wants to meet a whole lot of lovely souls living together on 22 acres in pretty much peace and harmony, and who would like to meet the amazing couple, Jeff and Tori, who make this all happen, to make an appointment for a visit. It’s one you won’t forget.”

By Patrice Weiland, visitor

1 thought on “Kind Words from a Guest”

  1. What would the world do without such organizations. It’s so important! I always want to express a low bow to such people!
    llama is really cute ^^

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